Transcendent Sound       Vacuum Tube OTL Audio Amp Kits

The Masterpiece!

A 300B Preamp/Headphone Amp Combo

Adds Glorious Silky Smooth 300B Sound to Any System

Removes Digital Harshness.  Adds Lushness to Vinyl.

Drives Headphones with the Utmost Clarity.  Absolutely Dead Quiet.

Kit Price: Only $699 without tubes.  

Now Available with Alps Pot Upgrade for $30

Available with Grey or Black Front Panel

Transcendent Sound presents the best sounding line stage preamp and headphone amp available, both in one box!  Not only that, there is no need to buy a separate headphone amp.  Both functions have been fully optimized and neither has been compromised for the other. This breakthrough design incorporates many features.

•By using the 300B, all of the sonic magic it is famous for can be added to any system.

•High current output stage drives very long interconnect cables.  This feature greatly improves the sound of any system as cable capacitance degrades sonic purity.

•Integral 10 second time delay mute circuit protects your equipment from turn-on noises.

•Dual outputs.  One for the main amps and one for the subwoofer amp.  

•Super high fidelity headphone output.

•Vanishingly low distortion.

•Essentially noiseless, virtually unobtainable with tube equipment until now.  Use it with the most sensitive headphones and experience a dead black, silent background.

Spectrum analysis reveals just how quiet this product is.  The largest noise component is at 180 Hz and measures a bit over 50 microvolts.  That corresponds to a signal to noise ratio referenced to 1 volt output that is pushing up against 100 dBA, a truly inaudible level.  The noise at 60 Hz is mostly caused by AC power signals bleeding into the test setup.  Most everything else is far below 10 microvolts.

Distortion levels are virtually immeasurable.  There is a barely detectable blip at 1000 Hz and the tiniest 3rd harmonic at 1500 Hz.  That’s it.  Nothing else.  Taken at 4 volts peak-to-peak.

Left picture shows 10,000 Hz square wave is nearly perfect.  Only the slightest ringing is barely visible.  Right picture shows 100 Hz square wave.  Minmal tilt indicates outstanding phase linearity in the deep bass.

100,000 Hz square wave shows an incredibly fast rise of less than 2 microseconds.  Preamps amps aren’t supposed to able to do this.

So what are you waiting for?  It doesn’t get any better than this and we make the best equipment you can get.

Tube Compliment:



Footprint: 15 inches wide by 10 inches deep.

Inputs: 3

Outputs: 2 Line Level and one Headphone

Gain: 12 dB or 4 times

Output Impedance: 15 ohms (headphone output),

Input Impedance: 100K

Signal to noise ratio: 100 dBA

Max available output current:  70 mA, RMS

Headphone output power:

150 mW into 30 ohms

360 mW into 100 ohms

100 mW into 600 ohms

Frequency Response: flat, -0 dB, from below 10 Hz to over 100 kHz.

THD: Less than 0.1%

Power:  120V or 230V to 240V, 50 to 60 Hz, 72 watts.