Transcendent Sound       Vacuum Tube OTL Audio Amp Kits

Audio Reality

by Bruce Rozenblit



Are you confused about which accessories to buy?... Have you ever wondered how they work?...  

Do you question the prices of some of these products?  Want to save money and maximize value?...

Ground breaking book, AUDIO REALITY, will give you the knowledge needed to answer these questions yourself. Essential information replaces "myths" with "facts".  By using simple analogies with clear explanations, the author equips the reader with the operations of these devices–without using any math.  The reader acquires the knowledge needed to yield the greatest value from your purchasing dollar.  Topics include: basic electricity, audio signals, reactance, conductors, connectors, skin effect, impedance, interconnects, speaker cables, balanced lines, transmission lines, power cords, isolation transformers, damping systems, feedback, vacuum tubes, acoustics and much, much more!


This book gives the consumer essential knowledge about the workings and operations of the vast array of accessories and components available in the marketplace. By providing the basis for how they work, the reader is equipped with the knowledge needed to weed out false claims and make economical, low-cost purchases. Emphasis is on spending as little as possible to encourage people to become involved with audio. All explanations use simple analogies and are easy for the novice to understand. No math is required. Fundamental electronics is presented in a comprehensible fashion and written specifically for the audiophile.  Many widely held myths are debunked.

Complete Plans to Build Many Transcendent Sound Products!  

If you want the finest in high-end audio and prefer to make your own, or want to understand how equipment is built, here's your chance to build and learn about some of the most creative, innovative products on the market.  Learn how and why Transcendent Sound products differ from all others.  Sonic performance is identical to the commercially produced products. Complete schematics, parts lists, and circuit explanations are provided. All design techniques revealed-Nothing held back. In addition, tips and procedures for working sheet metal and wiring are covered. Learn and benefit from the author's years of experience designing and building high-end audio equipment.

Projects include: The highly acclaimed and patented Transcendent T8 OTL in both 25 and 80 watt versions: The Grounded Grid Preamp, The Super Compact 150 Watt Amp (not in production), The Cathode Follower Single-Ended Amp (not in production), and a Phono Preamp (not in production).  Special Bonus:  The Entire Rozenblit OTL Patent!

Author Comments: “In the course of operating my company, Transcendent Sound, I have had conversations with literally hundreds of audiophiles. The overwhelming majority have very little knowledge, if any, about the most basic principles and operating characteristics of audio equipment. They often base their purchasing decisions on hearsay, and the preaching of media sages. Unfortunately, because of commercial considerations, much information is rooted in increasing revenue, not in assisting the audiophile. It seems as if the only requirement for becoming an "authority" in the world of audio is a keyboard. Many audiophiles become disenchanted, feel ripped off, and drop out of the hobby causing a shrinking customer base.

Furthermore, young people generally aren't interested in high-performance audio because the prices have been pushed so high that there is no way they can afford the equipment. I wrote this book to try and stem this tide and get people involved with audio. By using alternatives to extremely high priced accessories and even by building your own equipment, the consumer can

become involved with high quality sound reproduction at a very reasonable, attainable cost.

I published my designs to show the world exactly how high-performance tube gear can and should be built. Tube equipment has the reputation of being highly unreliable. That's not the fault of tubes, it's the fault of the design. I show the reader that high-performance, high-reliability and low-cost can be achieved through proper design. You can build the projects and find out for yourself.”

If You Buy Audio Products, You Can't Afford Not to Read AUDIO REALITY!