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It’s a Monster

        It’s ........THE BEAST

120W/CH into 8 ohms

90W/CH into 4 ohms

Unbelievable Power and Clarity

Super Relaxed Sound, Totally Musical






This is it.  There is no substitute for power and that is what this amp has.  Complex musical passages are effortlessly reproduced with a natural depth and breadth unmatched by any other amp.   Subtle nuances are clearly revealed underneath pounding crescendos.  This is the way music was meant to be heard.

Nothing sounds better than an OTL.  No transformer coupled amp, no solid state amp can match the sound.  It cannot be imitated.  Striking imaging causes instruments to be layered in a three dimensional sound stage that recreates the experience of a live performance. The music "opens up" and leaps out of the loudspeaker eliminating any box like sound. The most minute and subtle sounds are revealed producing uncanny realism. Musical voices are warm and lifelike yet completely neutral with a razor sharp focus. Nothing else can compare.  Don't just listen to your music.... experience it as only the BEAST can.

In an OTL, the loudspeaker is directly coupled to the output tubes. There is no output transformer.  There are many practical limitations that have kept the transformer-less output from becoming widely used. Our patented design has finally solved all of these problems.

This is the finest OTL amplifier we have ever produced.  It is the culmination of over 10 years of experience that started with the legendary model T8, the low cost T16, the Single-Ended OTL and now THE BEAST.  The circuits have been completely redesigned and optimized for high power. 

New Features

Fully balanced XLR and floating differential RCA input.A true balanced input is obtained by using a top quality input transformer.  This is much more effective than just supplying an XLR jack and only using one leg of the signal.  The RCA jack is routed through the transformer creating a floating differential input.  A second RCA jack is supplied in the XLR model that is directly wired to the input, thereby bypassing the transformer.

New Drive Circuitry

The input stage is a 12AX7 gain stage and phase splitter with stage voltage regulation, AC coupled to a 12AT7 differential amplifier, also regulated.  This then drives symmetrical 12BH7 cathode followers, both regulated that drive the output stage.  The circuitry maintains the simplicity that Transcendent equipment is famous for while providing for the enormous, low distortion drive voltages that high power OTL operation requires.  As always, reliability is the number one priority in any Transcendent Sound design.

Improved Output Stage

The output tubes, octal based EL509 are arranged in vertical pairs.  Each pair has its own fuse and each fuse has an LED indicator.  If any fuse blows, its LED will go out immediately indicating where the problem is.  The fuses are rated at 1 amp which greatly limits fault currents far below the level that could damage a speaker.  (Fuses normally only blow from tube failure-which is rare).  Each tube is also protected with 3 current limiting resistors, one for each grid and the plate.  These features protect the amp from itself, and completely protect your speakers.  THE BEAST is truly plug and play.  Just turn it on and use it.


The hum and noise of THE BEAST is less than 800 microvolts.  That's nearly as a low-noise modified T16.  The amps versatility is increased because although intended for low efficiency speakers, it can drive high efficiency units because of the low noise.

Low Heat

The idle heat of THE BEAST has been held to only 300 watts per channel.  It is no small achievement to dramatically boost power and keep the heat down to such low levels.  No other high power OTL can come anywhere close to this low heat level.  Other OTLs typically require a dedicated 20 amp circuit and use all of it.  THE BEAST can be plugged into any standard outlet.

Want Less Heat?  Pull Out Half the Tubes.

Switch to summer mode!  Removing 8 tubes cuts the idle heat down to about 175 watts per channel. Power output will be reduced to 40 watts into 8 ohms and 25 watts into 4 ohms.  These lower levels are perfectly adequate for the vast majority of applications and you end up with a 100% compliment of spare tubes. 

Low Output Impedance

The output impedance is less than 0.2 ohm.  That is low enough to easily drive 4 ohm speakers.  Even with only 8 output tubes, the output impedance is only 0.4 ohm.  Low output impedance is essential for clear, tight, percussive bass.  See article on the importance of low output impedance.  Go to article

DIY Can Scratch Build

In support of true DIY, we offer the circuit boards and plans for $129. 

THE BEAST maintains all of the wonderful sonic characteristics that Transcendent Sound amps are world famous for.  It is silky smooth with no harshness or brittleness whatsoever.  It captures the magical three dimensional qualities that only an OTL can produce.  Music floats into the room as if witnessing a live performance.  The increased power gives the amplifier incredible punch and slam.  Music sounds totally relaxed and natural.  It acquires an effortless quality that only a high power OTL amplifier can produce.  This is simply the best we can do with a push-pull amp. 

Each chassis measures 17 inches by 17 inches by 8 inches high.

Shipping weight 80 pounds.

Protected by U.S. patent  5,604,461




Lid Optional-Not Included

Available from Hammond Dealers

You can build it.

Large, open chassis allows

for easy assembly.