Transcendent Sound

Making Music Better



Tube Phono Preamp

Smooth, musical and quiet.

Hear vinyl as never before.

Grounded Grid Preamp

Super popular.  Hundreds in use all

over the world.

T16 OTL Tube Amp

Incredible OTL sound at low

cost.  Efficient and reliable.

Single-Ended OTL

Pure class A sound. Ultra

smooth, quiet and musical.

Single-Ended Cathode Follower

Takes transformer coupled amps to new heights.


Tremendous Hi-Power OTL

Easily outperforms amps that cost over $20,000. 

Balanced Power Supply

Cleans up AC power at about 1/4 cost of others.

Tube Analyzer

More than a tube tester.

Measures tube parameters.

24-Step Attenuator

Precise volume control.

All Products 115V or 230V

Mute Circuit

Eliminates Preamp Turn-On Transients