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24-Step Attenuator Kit

A Perfect Match for the Grounded Grid Preamp

Achieve the precision volume control you demand- tight channel balance and accurate settings.

What's different about this attenuator?

1) Very precise, high resolution, low level control.
The attenuator starts with a maximum attenuation of -68 dB and then has 4 steps to -54 dB.  Each additional step is another -3 dB.  Other attenuators reach -54 dB in the first click.  The Transcendent Attenuator therefore provides much better low level control..  This is essential for use with high efficiency speakers.

2) Much lower price.

3) Includes spacer to reduce exposure of mounting bushing.

4) Attenuator type: 100K, series network, shorting switch.

The switch is the top quality ELMA rotary switch.  Resistors are 1/4W metal film, 1%.  Level matching is better than 0.1 dB.

KIT ONLY: $139